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&, OF  GOKTJL.                                  28S

Such being the revolting character of their theological literature, It Is easy
to understand why the Yallabhacharyas have always shown a great reluctance

to submit It to the criticism of the outer world of unbelievers, who might not
fee prepared to accept suck advanced doctrines. Though there are several
copvists at Goknl5 whose sole occnpatlon it Is to make transcripts for die use
of pilgrlniSj they would ordinarily refuse to se!i a manuscript to any one wlio
was not of their own denomination ; and none of their books hail ever been
pubiislied till quite recently, when two or three of tie less esoteric were issued
from Faniit Giri PrasacTs Press at Beswa in the Aligarh district. However,
as is many other forms of religion* and happily so in tkis case,, practice is nofc
always :n accordance with doctrine. Though there may be much thai is re-
prehensible in rite inner life of the Gosams, it is not at Gokal obtradecl on the
public ani ha.* s-=.v«=r occasioned any open scandal; while the present head of
the eoiniEr.!;!:". GaS'iin PiirasLstiani La], a descendant of Bitthaln&iJi's sixth
son, tJaduua*::,. deserves hcG-jirable mention for exceptional liberality and
eniightment. He is the Jbeai of the temple of Xavanit-Priya, popularly called
ty way of pre-eminence, Baja TLaknr.* and Is the proprietor of the whole of
the township of Qokul. His ancle and predecessor, G-obind Lai,, dledf leaving
a widow, Jauaki Baa Ji, and an only daughter. The latter, according to inva-
riable custom, was married to a Bhatt, and by him had two st>ns By name
Ran-clior Lai and Gop Ji. But5 as by Salic law neither of them could suc-
ceed to the spiritual dignity, the "widow adopted her nephew Purushottam, the
son of her husband's brother, Braj Pal. The adoption was disputed by the two
sons, who carried their suit in appeal even up to the Privy Council., and there
were finally defeated. Under their mother's will, they enjoy a maintenance
allowance of Rs. 9"00 a year, paid to the elder brother "by the GrGsaIn.? and they
have further retained—though under protest—all the property conferred by
the Maharaja of Jo«ilipiir on their common ancestor Murlidhar, the father of
Grobind MI and BraJ Lai, who was the foander of the fainilj*s temporal pros-
perity and vas £be first miiafidar of Gokul by grant from SindHa.

Grosain PEriishottam Lai has one son^ Raman Lal? through wborn he Is the
grandfather of Braj Lai ancf. Kanhaiya Lai The latter of these has been
adopted by LacMiman Ji, a descendant of Bitthalnath's fourth soa^ Gakulnath,
and is now the Grosaln of the temple bearing that title* Thus tiu two princi-
pal endowments have both come into one branch of tho fniuily, suvl th^
is one of the very largest landowners aad wealthw: r-Vi It its la th*> fiv'

* He tlso pietldea oter two teap-Ics dedicated to  Bila>ic7,i
S»ttkliai Gh&t in Mttlmrt, wlierc he ordinuily resides.